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At Commons Road Cars Ltd our Sales Team will discuss and arrange a Volkswagen Bank financial package to suit you.  Whether you are a private or business customer, buying a new or used vehicle we are here to help.  We offer competitive rates, quick decisions and a hassle free process.
Volkswagen Bank at Commons Road Cars offers competitive rates of finance and a number of Financial Solutions to suit your individual needs.  If you have any questions please contact us here.   
Please see examples below:
POLO  1.2 3DR 60BHP
RRP                                                                                        €15,245                                  €15,245
Deposit / Part Exchange                                                   €4573.50                                €4,573.50 
Term                                                                                          48                                              36
Guaranteed Future Value                                                     Nil                                          €5,536
APR Typical                                                                             3.9%                                         3.9%
MONTHLY RENTAL                                                                €237.01                                   €165.16
Total Cost of Credit*                                                             €854.98                                   €960.26  
RRP                                                                                         €21,145                                 €21,145
Deposit / Part Exchange                                                     €6,343.50                            €6,343.50 
Term                                                                                              48                                            36       
Guaranteed Future Value                                                         Nil                                       €7,598
APR Typical                                                                                3.9%                                       3.9%
MONTHLY RENTAL                                                                  €329.85                                €232.85
Total Cost of Credit*                                                               €1,181.30                             €1,329 
RRP                                                                                            €23,225                                 €23,225
Deposit / Part Exchange                                                       €6,967.50                              €6,967.50 
Term                                                                                               48                                            36       
Guaranteed Future Value                                                          Nil                                         €7,864
APR Typical                                                                                3.9%                                        3.9%
MONTHLY RENTAL                                                                  €362.59                                    €268.76
Total Cost of Credit*                                                               €1,296.82                                 €1,431 
RRP                                                                                        €28,545                                    €28,545
Deposit / Part Exchange                                                   €8,563.50                                €8,563.50 
Term                                                                                           48                                              36       
Guaranteed Future Value                                                      Nil                                          €10,333
APR Typical                                                                            3.9%                                           3.9%
MONTHLY RENTAL                                                              €446.35                                       €299.76
Total Cost of Credit*                                                           €1,593.30                                  €1,825.86 
*Total cost of credit includes Acceptance fee €75 and Completion fee €75. Warning: You will not own these goods until the final payment is made. Volkswagen Bank is regulated by the German Financial Regulator. This offer is made under a Hire Purchase agreement.
How Solutions works
Receive a guaranteed future value for your new Polo to defer until the end of the agreement; this will make your monthly repayments lower
Pay a deposit made up of part exchange or cash – as little as 10%

At the end of your repayment term you have three choices:
1. Part-exchange the car for a brand new Volkswagen
2.Pay off the optional final payment so you own the car (or refinance, subject to credit approval)
3.Return the car to your dealer and pay nothing more (subject to acceptable vehicle condition
How you benefit
  • Drive up-to-date technology, safety and styles of latest Volkswagen models Attractively low monthly installments and deposit
  • Change for a new car more often – avoid increasing running costs Afford a newer car or higher specification model
  • No disposal concerns or costs – ability to handback at contract end (subject to acceptable vehicle condition)
  • Reduce term of funding and defer decision to purchase for three years
  • Guaranteed future value provides full protection from ‘negative equity’ at contract end (subject to acceptable vehicle condition)
Warning: you will not own these goods until the final payment is made. Recommended Retail Price excludes delivery and related charges, Dealer charge may vary. The Solutions finance offer is available on all new Volkswagen Polo retail passenger car models purchased through participating authorised

Volkswagen dealers only. Solutions is not available in conjunction with any other offer.
Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch Ireland is regulated by the German Financial Regulator.
This offer is made under a Hire Purchase Agreement as defined by the Consumer Credit Act (1995).
Model is shown for illustrative purposes only
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